Name: Kristoffer Paul Pickett - It's a German spelling of Chris, I am about a ¼ German, however all of my friends just call me Kris.

Age: 21

Height: 5'10

Weight: 148

Current Occupation: student at The University of New Orleans

Blood Type: Unknown… never had it tested

Interests: Anybody that knows me knows I love videogames… loves might even be an understatement… LOL. I enjoy gaming, writing, and listening to music… what kinds you ask? Why all kinds… I like a lot of weird stuff though like J-pop…

Heroes: Well mainly people who have influenced me creatively… people like George Lucas for his unbelievable imagination… the man can't write… but he sure can dream. And Hideo Kojima the director of the video games Metal Gear Solid, Policenauts, and Snatcher. My best friend Jonathan Burnitt for always being there for me for putting up with me! And helping me through some really ruff times. And my parents and family for always loving me and being supportive, my Mom and Dad are the best… I love you guys.

Goals: Well… for right now just graduate from college! LOL… I have a few ideas for a career path; however, I am not completely sure what I am going to be doing quite yet.