Q: Why don't you put up… "insert something here"?

A: Mainly because I do the page in my spare time and for fun, I am a pretty busy guy on the side. I work full time and attend college.

Q: Do you mind if I contact you?

A: Not at all… just be prepared to wait. Generally I answer ALL the e-mail I receive. Sometimes if I am really busy however it might take a while… hang in there :)

Q: Do you have an instant messenger?

A: Yes I do however I will not provide the name to anybody at this time… I will if I talk to somebody for a long enough time and they seem like a cool person. I have made several friends over the Internet.

Q: Do you mind if I make a suggestion or comment?

A: Nope that is the primary reason I got the contact section in there.

Q: Can I take anything away from your site?

A: Generally I would say no… since my site is primarily about myself I don't think there is a reason you should want any of this stuff LOL…

Q: Can I link to your site?

A: Sure link away!

Any other comments or question feel free to contact me!