Hey all! Today's update consists of another review for the Gamer's Edge portion of the website. We have a review for Cosmic Fantasy 3 for the Turbo Duo up, so go read and enjoy! On other site news and issues, I am in the process of putting up another portion of the site as we speak. I am also working on more updates for other areas of the site. So keep checking back every week! I plan on having new stuff added all the time. Thanks again for all the early support, it has been great! Hope to hear from you all soon!



Today's update is the launch of the Gamer's Edge Archive feature. Right now the feature is mainly pretty useless because of the general lack of any games in it. However… once I start reviewing games it will become quite useful in keeping up the files and maintaining order to them. I plan on reviewing new games at the rate of one or two a week… time permitting of course. Feedback already has been extremely positive and for that I truly do thank you.



So whats new…? THIS PAGE IS… LOL… check back for more extensive updates at a later time, for now enjoy the web-page!